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About the Owner

Daniel Smith received a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2008.  He started his real estate career shortly after graduating college by working at Town and Country Realty in Thomasville, NC as a sales agent.  Town and Country primarily focuses on property management and it's there Daniel learned a significant amount about real estate investing.  Daniel flipped his first house in 2008, purchased his first rental house in 2009, and continues to invest today.  "When you start investing in real estate, it requires you to fully dedicate yourself to learning the local market.  You have to know how to buy and negotiate a great deal, renovate it in a way that captures the most buyers, and then effectively market and value that property to sell it quickly.  As an investor, if you make a mistake on the value of a house, you are putting your own money at risk.  Ultimately, you have to train yourself to become an expert in the local market or you will lose money.  This has created what I like to call a healthy obsession with the local real estate market."
Daniel Smith Owner/Broker in Charge
This unique blend of experience is what allows Red Link to be so effective at working with both buyers and sellers.  
"Buyers, whether they are first time home buyers or seasoned investors, really benefit from my background of investing in real estate.  I am able to help them find the home that best suits their needs all while giving them accurate market information and negotiating the absolute best deal.  Sellers also benefit from my background in investing.  Flipping properties requires me to learn how to sell a property quickly for the highest price the market can bear.  This also requires extensive knowledge in what buyers are looking for and what simple improvements can be made to your home to increase your pool of potential buyers.  We've used our knowledge to help people all across the Triad with their real estate transactions.  We would love for you to be our next client."
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